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by Dr Evil March 13, 2003
An insane Scientist, Control-freak,
Beaurocrat, Engineer or Civil

A scarey, Sinister and usually evil
Person, hell-bent upon Destruction
and Chaos.Often has utterly wicked
plans for World domination and/or

A harmless Iconclast or one who
disrespects Sacred Cows and

A Godless heathen or blaspheming
Heretic masquerading as a religious,
pious and devout Believer in
orthodox Neo-Judaic Christianity.

A person who likes pussycats or
feline creatures.

Any vegetarian Teetotaling Treehugger.
He is such a Dr Evil, but he means well.
by Dr Evil March 12, 2003
Noun. Known better as JoKeRs Dr Evil, master at beating n00bs down with the energy sword while team mate Snipes gives cover fire.
Player 1-"Fuck i just got assassinated by JoKeRs Dr Evil"

J Evil-"Yeah get raped buddy get raped"
by The JoKeRs August 26, 2006
The princess of Canada who named his left testile Pith and his right testicle Vinegar. Has a son named Scott Evil which was the result of cloning from Dr. Evil's sperm.
"I asked for a fricking rotating chair, not one that's possessed by the Devil!"

"Well don't look at me like I'm fricking Frankenstein, give your father a hug!"
by Bastardized Bottomburp September 28, 2003
The sexual/conquering act of shoving a globe up someone's ass.
I don't think you'd like it very much if I shoved a globe up your ass and shouted: "THE WORLD IS MINE!!"
by AuntieTATA August 23, 2005

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