rapper, producer, dj, used to dj for the beastie boys in th mid eighties, good beats, great producer, talent for rapping is questionable though
dr dre is not a real doctor
by name here June 18, 2004
Much loved for the same reason as the pillsbury dough boy or dumbo the elephant for there man tits and stupidity
Shit dres got bigger tits than my mum
by jo mumma January 07, 2005
eazy e was the reason wy N.W.A. got big. he tha one who payed for the group because no one els could afford it. and Dre is a punk bitch. he aint a real gangsta. wens the last time u seen him dealin. shootn people. plus any nigga wit a gun can bus slugs. but it takes a real killa to stabb someone to death wil starin straight into their eyes...
dre aint nutn but a punk bitch. Eazy was a true rapper and gangsta
by joseph abduel August 05, 2005
Cross dresser who pimps other rappers.
Originally pimped by Eazy-E
Dre day-easy's pay day
by Mike dawson July 10, 2005
da best rapper eva ahhhhh da cronic 2 a really cool person who takes drugs
yo hay c dat guy over der hes a dre ahhhhhh da cronic
by iluvlesbians January 16, 2005
a bitch ass nigga. EAZY RULES. eazy e found dre and got him into ruthless which EAZY STARTED with his own money from selling drugs.

aparently theres a big eazy vs. dre war on urban dictionary
EAZY E is way cooler than dre
dre sucks balls and you know it
by ascoijsi July 30, 2005
a punk mother fuka thats lucky eazy mothafuckin e didnt beat his lil bitch ass up
dr.dre (dexter wiggle) is a punk bitch
by mike leal March 21, 2005
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