I don't even listen to rap and i still respect dr dre. an actual gangsta rapper
dr. dre is actually from the ghetto unlike the rappers of today
by Jman4590 April 14, 2005
makes some hot ass beats
i love the beat in "still d.r.e" and the chronic 2001 was a hot album. Dr Dre ownz
by J 0 K A November 14, 2005
The real fuckin deal. Dr.Dre is the rapper of all rappers. There ain't no rapper that can produce phat songs as good as the muthafuckin D.R.E!
Yo let's test your new system with some dre
by d-unit August 15, 2003
For all you cats Hip-Hop wouldnt be the shit without Dr. Dre aka Andre Young.He is known as the founder of gangsta rap along with the NWA. Niggas say Eazy and Pac hated on this nigga .true.But peep this if you actually listen not hear Dre he still misses Eazy-E not because he's a low-life bitch kneeling but because thats the true meaning of a nigga.He produces the baddest beats and brought the Game,G-unit,Busta Rhymes,Eve, and Eminem into full effect.And yall can say 50 and Em are ruckas but I dont see you muthafuckas makin it as rappers.So fuck yall.Dr. Dre is always gonna be respected by those who no what a real nigga is.
<Bumpin music to the full>
-"Man that beat is deep"
-"Yea you know who it is?"
-"Nigga of course i do,Dr.Dre"
by Dasi aka DLiciouz December 14, 2004
a producer who's beats are off the hook, and aparently ISNT a real docter
man1: im gonna to see dr dre!
honkey: why are you sick?
by ewboogers... February 17, 2005
A rapper originally apart of the N.W.A

he was pone of the reasons the whol "east side west side" shit happened.
He would later be known as the greatest pruducer of all time, he later went to make Eminem big.
"A man who literally saved my life"-eminem
by ill skillz December 31, 2004
A dope producer who's been producin beats for 20 years and still does
Dr.dre's dope, no fuckin arguin with it, nicca!
by Yarik May 05, 2004
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