THE Hip-Hop heavyweight, he is the pinnacle of producing.
He started in World Class Wrecking Kru, then went on to NWA, where he, along with Eazy-E, took the super group to new heights. Unforunately, he and Eazy-E had a falling out due to him leaving to join Death Row. This marked the point where the group which no one thought could ever be stopped... stopped. Earlier, Ice Cube and MC Ren left, believing Dre and Eazy were taking more money.

Dre then went on to collaborate with artists such as Snoop Dogg, Nate Dogg, and of course, "The Don Kiluminati" AKA Makaveli AKA 2Pac.

He then left Death Row to start his own label. This started a beef with 2Pac, who considered him a traitor for leaving the Row. (Funnily enough, 2Pac was leaving Death Row to start Amaru Records when he was killed)

He now is CEO of Aftermath Records, a label running under Interscope Entertainment. He now frequently collaborates with, and produces for, artists such as The Game, G-Unit, Eminem, Obie Trice, Xzibit and many more. He is extremely rich and powerful, holding much sway over the Hip-Hop world
1 "Yo man, you hear bout that guy who tried to fuck wit Dr Dre?"

2 "Yeah, didnt Young Buck stab that fucka wit a fork?"

1 "Yeah, thats some funny shit, eh?"

2 "True dat!!"
by ILL1C1T January 05, 2007
The best beat maker / producer in the world, and he can still rap. Nobody makes beats better.
Tha Chronic
Dre 2001

Up In Smoke
by Tragik November 26, 2003
The man who started the whole gangsta shit
Dr Dreis the best producer
by Beotch! November 21, 2003
With Easy-E and Ice Cube in NWA back in the day, CREATED this whole game. Everything from 50 cent to DMX, whatever rap u listen to, wouldn't EXIST without Dre and NWA starting the gangster rap scene.
Any rapper who swears in a song owes respect to Dr. Dre
by f uck tha police June 21, 2004
Dr. Dre was first known when he started making music in a group known as the ''World Class Wreckin' Kru''. He then moved on to the gangsta rap super group called N.W.A. Here it was made obvious that he was a much better producer than a rapper and after the group split up, he made his own music with the help of Snoop Dogg, Suge Knight and many other producers and artists. After making albums like 'The Chronic' and '2001' he was known as the best rap/hip hop producer ever, and still is today, the only other producer who would stand a chance against his skill is DJ Premier, but in my eyes he still is and always will be the best producer ever.
1992 - The Chronic

1996 - The Aftermath

1999 - The Chronic 2001

His 3 Best Albums
by Kronik 05 May 29, 2005
Dr.Dre is not only the most influential producer in hip-hop, he is probably the reason that hip-hop will have to redefine what it means to be a producer. Today, everyone thinks that hip-hop means "beat-maker". But many Producers of music are not beat-makers. Instead they are the brains behind those who make the music and develop the lyrics. This is Dre...and he's a beatmaker. Every artist who has worked with Dre seems to testify that Dre does much more than bring in tracks and records with them. Dre seems to be involved with every element from blueprinting the "layout" of the album, to helping the artist write and arrange their lyrics for the tracks, to editing tracks done by other beat-makers, to making his own beats for the artist. That's a producer -- and that is what Dr.Dre brings to the table of not just his labelists, but the hip-hop industry as a whole.
Straight Outta Compton
Doggy Style
Man Vs. Machine
The Slim Shady LP
by odd man out March 07, 2005
1. A westcoast rapper/producer who started out as a member of the NWA. He then moved on to Deathrow and finaly to his own lable called Aftermath. Famous for discovering Snoop Dogg, Eminem, and co-signing 50 Cent.
"Say what you say, but give me that "bomb" beat from Dre."
by VicHek June 02, 2004
any one who disses dre is retarded, im a rocker and i still like him
forgot about dre owns
by herman July 03, 2003

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