Dr. Sbaitso is when you do something wrong while pleasuring yourself and you need to go to the doctor.
'I got caught with Heinz 57 ketchup stuck up my ass, so I had to pull a Dr. Sbaitso.'
by CurryMan April 15, 2006
Top Definition
SBAITSO stands for Sound
Blaster Artificially Intelligent Text-to-Speech Organizer.
My name is Dr. Sbaitso. I am here to help you.
by Sbaitso January 27, 2004
A much better "chatterbox" than SmarterChild. He was actually able to talk, and yelled at you with a parity error if you cursed at him.
Dr. Sbaitso ownz SmarterChild.
by Phoojoeniam September 08, 2003
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