1. Someone with a phony doctorate.
2. Religious and politcal leader in Northern Ireland with a phony doctorate and an extremely suspect religion.
Bob: Check out my doctorate in computer science!

Adrian: Wait a minute... this is written on two sheets of toilet paper, and it's signed by you, AND you spelt your own name wrong!

Bob: It's all good!
by Honest Bob January 18, 2005
Top Definition
The biggest hate-monger ever born on the island of Ireland. Once stood up in the European Parliament and screamed at the pope. Employs inflammatory, anti-Catholic rhetoric, then throws up his hands and proclaims it's nothing to do with him when Unionist paramilitaries go on the rampage. Refuses to do us all a favour by dying.
Ian Paisely is an asshole.
by CWulf August 07, 2005
Somebody not capable of holding out the hand of brotherhood and friendship. Not interested in peace, just self-righteousness.
We could use less Dr. Ian Paisley's in the world, no matter who's side they're on.
by Dope Slanger March 25, 2006
Let's have some fucking honesty here lads. Do not knock everything as that type of attitude helps no fucking body. I realise that knock means something you fuck but thickos stick to women if you wish to fuck. Stop knocking an already rocky community spirit. Northern Ireland, indeed all Ireland, needs PEACE and if you are not capable of holding out the hand of brotherhood and friendship get off the fucking island be it North or South I do not give a fuck. Get it .

Now the definition of Dr. Ian Paisley -
Ian Richard Kyle Paisley was born on 6th April 1926.
Today Dr. Ian Paisley, MP, MLA is the leader of the Free Presbyterian Church and head of the Democratic Unionist Party. He has been the Member of Parliament
for the North Antrim constituency since 1970 and many members of the Roman Catholiccommunity vote for him
as he is an active politician with the interests of all his constituents at heart.
Dr. Ian Paisley is a forceful orator
by Stias September 12, 2005
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