1. The nickname of Kent Hovind, a famous creationist that's such an awful excuse for a sentient being that even other creationists have disowned him.

2. A synonym for an idiot.

3. I guess, if you had a dinosaur with a Ph.D. in some field, you could call him or her "Dr. Dino" without the above connotations.
1. Dr. Dino gave a speech at my church, eand explained how dinosaurs breathed fire!
What a dork!

2. I call my roommate Dr. Dino- he's always talking about moon landing hoaxes and 9/11 conspiracies.

3. Dr. Alicia Stompfoot, affectionally known as "Dr. Dino" has the distinction of being the first Utahraptor pediatrician t sent up practice in the United States.
by Genetic_Mishap March 28, 2006

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