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Someone who gets downed a lot in call of duty. originally referred to a person with down syndrome, the definition has changed.
He he, look at that downie."SAM YOUR A FUCKING DOWNIE!"
by bonooch June 06, 2010
7 30
1. Someone that has down syndrome
2. A retard
That kid is a downie.
by Cauch August 02, 2005
231 121
A person with Down's Syndrome
He kept hitting me all day but I couldn't do anything because he was a downie.
by Chrissyboi August 24, 2005
160 72
Down-Syndrome Slang
Nasty skit
medical term
Bernard your some downie!?!?!
by grim19 February 25, 2006
50 66
A stupid kid who does dumb shit
wat will the downie do next?
by Anonomyse May 24, 2006
84 104
1. Someone with Down Syndrome

2. A dumbass
"Damn, The guys in System Of A Down are fuckin Downies!"
by AbominusNeferia July 27, 2005
42 63
From the term "downer"
someone who brings people down and it a sort of mood-killer.
Josh is happy he got 93% on his test and Mike walks over and shows him his 95%. Mike is a downie.
by Yosh man January 17, 2010
12 35