A condition which makes your facial features look different and you have learning difficulties. It can also stunt your growth.
You lot are horrible, immature bastards! What's the point in making fun of people with learning difficulties and different facial features. It's pathetic and you people need to get a life.
by Glittery Goddess June 15, 2004
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A birth defect that allows a person to have eyes that look swollen, fingers that are a little meatier than usual, and they might have difficulties learning. Down syndrome is caused in birth development, each person has 23 pairs of chromosomes, which makes each person to have 46 chromosomes. But for people with down syndrome, they still have 23 pairs of chromosomes, except one particular pair has an extra, giving a total of 47 chromosomes. When this happens, this extra chromosome takes away some of the cells from other chromosomes, giving the person a slower, and poorer memory. And memory is tied to the brain, giving the person slower reflexes.
Facial features of people with down syndrome are similiar, but they are not related. They have a larger forehead, swollen eyes, and their hands and fingers might be meatier, and, or, the length to each finger unusual. People with down syndrome talk with slurs tied to each word they say, and their focus might be to some other object.
Down syndrome is a form of mental retardation.
People of down syndrome may participate in the special olympics.
by Zano July 03, 2004
A real mental disorder that is made fun of by cynical assholes and the ignorant. These are usually the same kind of people who tease those who are autistic.
You people should be ashamed of your pathetic selves for judging those afflicted with Down Syndrome
A condition affecting a person on the basic genetic level in which one chromosome splits in three instead of two and causes heart defects, thyroid conditions, shorter extremities and slower brain development. Although, their brains are slower to develop, you won't find any of them judging so harshly that they will be sending ignorant definitions out for everyone to see. They will also never judge you for having no genetic reason to be as stupid as you so obviously represent yourself to be, as referenced by your definitions.
My niece has Down Syndrome and she is one of the joys of my life. She is not ugly in body nor in spirit. In fact, she loves unconditionally, so unlike those of us who take kindness for granted so much that we forget how to show it.
by fed_up_with_ignorant_people July 23, 2005
Technichally, Down Syndrome is a mental disability possesed from birth, where the 21st chromosome pair in each cell has an extra. This makes a total of 47 chromosomes per cell instead of the standard 46. This "little something extra" makes them learn and look a bit differently than most people.

People with Downs Syndrome can lead very normal lives, it just takes them more time and effort to learn. They are usually very honest and careing, and never judgemental. They make wonderful friends, because they usually have a refreshingly clear view of what does and does not matter in life.

Raised in the right environment (ie. a happy and nurturing family) kids with Down Syndrome are an asset to society. The biggest challange they face is the rude and downright hateful disrespect shown to them by ignorant people. People with Down Syndrom deserve respect just as much as anyone else.
Isaac was born with Down Syndrome, but his family is happy because they realize that with love and patience, there is nothing that Isaac can't do.

Some of the athletes in the special olympics have Down Syndrome.
by ButterflyMusic May 26, 2011
A Retard.
That fat stupid fuck has down syndrome and, like a mule, ill-bred dog, or sci-fi mutant, cannot reproduce - a likely fail safe implemented by Mother Nature to prevent such horrid monsters from fucking up the entire human race.
by Cynical Eyes August 22, 2016
Genetic condition caused by a triple chromosome also known as chromosome 21. People with this condition are blessed with the gift of eternal innocence. They are usually harmless and friendly and incapable of violence. We like to think they need help but maybe it's really us who do.
"George Bush is a perfectly sain individual, no history of downsyndrom there, he can wage war all he wants"
by Flo January 29, 2004
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