A motherfucker who is down for anything!
"Do you think Josef would drink this half gallon of vodka and dance in the rain with us?"
"Yeah for sure, he's a down bitch!"
by ThaDownBishh November 18, 2013
Top Definition
A girl that would get with you whenever. She mostly comes in handy when you get rejected. She's like a pussy you don't even have to chase.
Guy A: yo bro i just got fuckin rejected by this fine chick
Guy B: u gotta down bitch
Guy A: hell yeah

-Guy A: gets with decently hot down bitch
by mtshorty2095 September 25, 2011
A woman willing for sex
I called my down bitch and she was all undown and shi. I wasn't down wit dat.

Tight ass. Antonym. Whore. Synonym.
by RicardoMarque November 21, 2013

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