A term used to describe people who always look in the mirror A narcissistic male
Wow! You sound like a Dowie!
by John E Gorman April 22, 2008
Top Definition
Originated in West London. Can be used to describe someone who is so shockingly ugly, unimpressive or plain looking that an extreme exclamation is required to describe them. Can be doubled up for emphasis or used to describe something that is so boring it disgusts you.
He's such a dowie bre.
She tried talking to me but she was so dowie i spat in her face.
You're a dowie dowie yatty, go away.
I went to her house on Friday night, it was fucking dowie!

by nickthegreek February 08, 2008
Common to parts of West London, the term originated as a cuss for a certain person but spread into a general word. Dowie means 'small' or 'minor'
haha your such a dowie boza
by eilks October 11, 2004
a way to describe anything negatively.
if ur dealer rips u off, u get a dowie draw, if a person is dowie they aren't cool, etc etc..
"that party was so dowie!!"
by LDN girl July 05, 2008
Within the twitter verse it is a lyric duet between two followers.
Let's have a twitterdowie.
by Gregorious Bongani House July 12, 2014
Slang for doing donuts with a car
Ayy bro, you should have seen me down dowies last night in the rain
by TheoPhobic December 01, 2010
Meaning simple or clumsy, stupid or slow
Ahhhhh ur such dowie (gash)!
by Sophel June 13, 2005
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