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A Bunch of Gay lovers who love taking it in the butt
We are dova dont fuck with us otherwise we will butt fuck each other and post it online cause we are the gayest group of people ever
by Leather Man June 24, 2013
A man who grew up in the streets, as a result of his hardship this man can only speak in street terms. This man is also very proficient in the arts of dice rolling as one could imagine. The belief behind this amazing skill that they possess is thought to be from cupping another man's balls and shaking his hand in the form of rolling dice. Only after years of ball cupping and shaking will one attain the status of this name.
Wow, your friend is one hell of a dova, last night he shook my balls for over an hour and went to the local basketball courts to bet his friends in a game of dice and ended rolling nothing but lucky 7s the whole time.
by FFXIBushido November 17, 2009
an absolute fucking champion.
If you have a Dova, you're lucky.
by mati March 22, 2005
A post whore. Someone who likes to post in a forum to raise his post count. A riding queen.
Dova posts "I like it man" cause he's a little bitch
by Ben August 15, 2003
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