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Particular University Girls

1) who are completely unintelligent
2) think they're the most gorgeous girls on the face of this planet (when theyre not even close)
3) gives off a bitchy vibe to anyone they talk to
4) All of her friends have turned against her
5) She calls her professor "Prof"

6) She has the sleeziest boyfriend you'll ever meet.
7) Wears THEE sluttiest clothes you'll ever see.
8) Sleeps with Every guy on campus
8) A Girl with absolutely no CLASS
"Omg did you see what Jess G. was wearing? Her boobs were flopping around on the dance floor and she poured her drink all over her best friend and told her to get her another one!"

"What a douschette!"
by FedUp2010 May 13, 2010
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