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A Princess from the Allussion Island off the coast of Alaska.
Ex. Dounia is such a fuckin princess.
by Dounia January 24, 2009
Dounia is amazing, gorgeous- even if she doesn't know it and is extremely nice. People judge her too quickly. She's fun and sexy and amazing.
Dounia is fucking hott
by HAITHURRRR March 08, 2010
A Dounia only hooks up with boys with nice shoes. A Dounia will be there for you whenever you need her. She will be there for you, but she'll show up looking like a hobo. She'll spend thousands of dollars to look like a hobo. The only way to tell she's not a hobo is by her red lipstick and hobos can't afford lipstick (they have other shit to worry about, like food). A Dounia will pretend to be a homophobe until you get a couple of shots in her, then she will want to "put on a show" with one of her girlfriends all of a sudden. You parents will like her. So will your boyfriend, so don't introduce them.
DAMN, that Dounia can make a reindeer sweater and not showering look good!
by jeffora May 16, 2011