A ginger with a small penis
That kid is such a douglas.
by cornelius rex February 05, 2012
(n) To be a Douglas is to be extremely stupid and/or ugly.

Frequently combined with Bernard, or Huckleberry.
You are one Douglas
by Geee-83 May 20, 2011
To douglas is to spoon lovingly, generally with a group of 2 or more people. Douglas being in reference to a loving and kind father.
1.) Hey Ben, since Hannah's parents are out of town, wanna douglas with Trevor, Hannah, and me?
by Emma Claire November 04, 2007
A "Douglas" is someone who always roots for the best teams (According to who is doing best at the time).
I.E. Lakers, Cavs, Celtics, Magic, Yankees, Colts, Patriots, etc.
Here are a few examples of real life "Douglasness" in the New York area.

"BYE BYE JETS!!!! fuckinng suckkerrrrss!! LETS GO COLTS!!!"

"lOl now all you JETS FANS can STFU they LOST so live with it i been sayin it all week, jets cant beat the Colts Mark Sanchez aint no Tom Brady lOl hahahahahahahahahahaha"

"New York City, we say GO LAKERS!"
by Renato Silva January 24, 2010
A douglas is a penis.
"This girl was acting a fool, so I slapped her in the forehead with my douglas."
"Harry Douglas has a hairy douglas."
"She was really annoying, but I kept her around because she frequently touched my douglas."
"My douglas was cold, so I parked it in the rear."
by JW#1 November 11, 2006
the art of not shutting up about doing your masters degree to the extent that your life afterwards will have no meaning as you will have nothing to talk about.
-will she ever shut up about her masters degree?

-She's such a Douglas.
by wozzbozz February 05, 2010
A polite way of referring to oral sex. Originally used by some friends who didn't want children at the pool to be scarred by what the were talking about.

Kat loves to get Douglas.
by Douglas Enthusiast July 31, 2006

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