A tall, presumptuous cunt who tried way to hard and constantly shits himself when attempting to leap. Renound for having faggotishly large ears that do nothing but catch wind while he jumps.
"Carl, why dont you go pick up that douglas off the basketball court, It reeks"
by Bob Langly December 05, 2013
The Dougie, when preformed by a white person.
they be like sheldon, can you teach me how to douglas?
by Hamborghini April 10, 2011
Originates from Douglas Funnie of the Nickelodeon series 'Doug'

Noun: A wretched shit

Verb: To drop a wretched shit
N: Man I just dropped a wicked douglas, my ass still hurts... from douglassing.

V: Man I gotta douglas like a motherfucker. My ass is clenched tight for fear of douglassing in my pants.
by douglasman December 03, 2010
A new wave drug that has began to see circulation in the Melbourne Club scene, it is a mixture of Epinephrine (adrenaline) and Amphetamine (speed) enclosed in a standard auto-injector such as an EpiPen.
just make a douglas with your EpiPen or something
by Ripped Curtain November 27, 2010
The slang term for an adult convicted for child abuse and cruelty to animals
Yeah he got 20 years for that ''Dougla?attack''
by Mr GYH February 01, 2009
A ginger with a small penis
That kid is such a douglas.
by cornelius rex February 05, 2012
(n) To be a Douglas is to be extremely stupid and/or ugly.

Frequently combined with Bernard, or Huckleberry.
You are one Douglas
by Geee-83 May 20, 2011

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