The cutest guy to ever walk the planet, perfect for Valentina. The most perfect guy in general. Brazilian & Romanian. HOT AF. Easy to fall for. Cutest laugh, and smile. Has such a amazing accent, like you hear it & your like "OHMYGOD talk to me. plz." You can listen & be with him all day because hes soooooo cute! Carries the sexy ass mother fucker brazilian gene, everything he does is so cute & rememberable. Makes people smile cause hes funny & makes memes just to make people laugh & pretty much piss themselves. If you think about him you INSTANTLY smiles because hes just that amazing. Once you talk to him, meet him, or spend a second with him.. you are instantly hooked & in love. Always makes your days, but when you don't talk to him its horrible because he is what brings sunshine to your day & makes it wonderful . EVEN THO WASHINGTON IS RAINY AF, but once you do everything is okay! Reaction to when you first meet him : DAMN. SPEECHLESS. BREATHTAKING. SO CUTE .
He's so cute! yeah thats a douglas
He's perfect thats douglas
He has the cutest accent ever!!! yeah thats douglas
omg im in love must be with a douglas
Valentina's bf is so cute yeah back up douglas is her's
by vaaaaaal January 09, 2013
A Thug Know By Dougie That Says Fuck The World & The Pigs...Parties Like Theres No Tomorrow Smokes Everyday His Also a Ladies Man Good Looking Knows How To Dress, Fucks Good, & Good Taste In Women.
Douglas Is So Cool Lets Kick It With Him.
by ReeferToker187 July 18, 2011
Better than everyone else. A role model and very great looking. Gets all the girls and Has a huge cock. His big balls will always surprise you; especially the first time. Also one who loves sweets and can party it up. He is hardcore.
I really wish I was like Douglas.
by Honesty<3 May 15, 2011
The word that describes a very white person attempting to "dougie".
Person 1: Yo, you see Drew Stanton doin the Dougie after scoring a touchdown?

Person 2: Nah, that wasn't no Dougie. That was more of a Douglas.
by R Ravioli January 02, 2011
When playing hacky-sack you pass it off with one kick and the next person does the same.

If onlyone personepasses with only one kick, it is known as a brent.

If one more persone Brents after a Douglas it is called a Henning.
Oh cool we douglased!!!
by Kash A. October 13, 2011
Douglas referring to a group of outgoing, loud, sometimes reckless, loud, football supporting, Kenyan Indians.
Mainly originating from Nairobi. A "Doug" may recognize a fellow Douglas usually as soon as they come face to face. The main principal of being a Douglas is to have Banter. Whether you are a male or female Douglas you will each have some form of allocated nick name which refers to your character as a Douglas.

Douglas are hard working professionals by day and hard playing by night. Often they will come off as aggressive people however they are extremely gentle people with the best intentions. However perhaps not, if its the case of the Douglas trying to pull a person of the opposite sex.
Douglas may be found internationally stretching from Cancun to Australia.
They often communicate using a form of hand gestures. Douglas are usually descendants of respected business owners in Africa.
A person who tends to feed of Douglas' prosperity is known as a profla
A large group of Indians who are extremely loud on public transport. Perhaps shouting some form of football chants with Douglas being the main descriptive word used or impersonating a Kenyan official.
by mmadoug June 21, 2012
A tall, presumptuous cunt who tried way to hard and constantly shits himself when attempting to leap. Renound for having faggotishly large ears that do nothing but catch wind while he jumps.
"Carl, why dont you go pick up that douglas off the basketball court, It reeks"
by Bob Langly December 05, 2013

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