The cutest guy to ever walk the planet, perfect for Valentina. The most perfect guy in general. Brazilian & Romanian. HOT AF. Easy to fall for. Cutest laugh, and smile. Has such a amazing accent, like you hear it & your like "OHMYGOD talk to me. plz." You can listen & be with him all day because hes soooooo cute! Carries the sexy ass mother fucker brazilian gene, everything he does is so cute & rememberable. Makes people smile cause hes funny & makes memes just to make people laugh & pretty much piss themselves. If you think about him you INSTANTLY smiles because hes just that amazing. Once you talk to him, meet him, or spend a second with him.. you are instantly hooked & in love. Always makes your days, but when you don't talk to him its horrible because he is what brings sunshine to your day & makes it wonderful . EVEN THO WASHINGTON IS RAINY AF, but once you do everything is okay! Reaction to when you first meet him : DAMN. SPEECHLESS. BREATHTAKING. SO CUTE .
He's so cute! yeah thats a douglas
He's perfect thats douglas
He has the cutest accent ever!!! yeah thats douglas
omg im in love must be with a douglas
Valentina's bf is so cute yeah back up douglas is her's
by vaaaaaal January 09, 2013
Top Definition
A very old name, from the 16th century, Scottish in origin, meaning "from the dark river." A man who has deep insights, mystical powers and isn't afraid to explore both the dark and light sides of life, seeing them as all one. A person of great understanding, having wisdom that accrues with age. Very public persona, but deeply private in many ways.
"Don't bother trying to fool, outwit, or fully understand him, man. He's a Douglas---sees all, knows all, confounds all."
by nirvanabrew February 03, 2010
To ram a sexual partner from behind with great, desperate velocity, usually with lips pursed, buttocks clenched and jowls shaking. Derived from the Michael Douglas style of explicit onscreen sex in the 1990s. Can also be used figuratively.
Why are you limping? Did someone up and douglas you last night?
by joel zettl October 07, 2006
a gambit, getting all the girls and all the winnings. high-profile guy with the ability to win the hearts of people by just his personality.
that guy is such a douglas, i'm so goddamn jealous of him.
by catherine artemis June 17, 2009
Super hot playa who get's wit all the wimmenz. Often found breakdancing and kissing laydeez in the clubs. He is cute yet manly. Very rough around the edges yet soft in all the right places. Often found walking bow-legged due to the massive erect penis he has to shove down the leg of his pants. When he gets down and dirty "Lester" will appear.
"Damn look at Douglas go, he's got massive skillz yo! He's gettin' all the honeyz ... oh wait! It's Lester!!"
by urbantesticles January 12, 2008
indian mixed with negro. originated in the republic of trinidad and tobago
in trinidad we have mixed races and one of them is "dougla".
by xbitman February 24, 2005
A very hot guy. He's smart and funny and likes to study, although he knows how to have fun, particularly in the bedroom. He'll treat any girl he's with like a princess and take care of her every need. Everyone needs a Douglas. He isn't the most popular guy in the school but he'll have a big impact on the world once he leaves.
Wow you're such a Douglas
by 03hope03 January 22, 2011
The sweetest, funniest, nicest guy ever. He is very popular but he is not a jerk. When you look into his eyes you see something real. He always tells you how it is and is very honest. Dougie comes up with amazing comebacks, and is very witty.
Girl: Have you seen Douglas?
Girl 2: Yeah he is with John.
Girl: The special ed kid?!
Girl 2: Yeah Dougie talks to everyone.(:
by that1coolgirlyouknow February 15, 2013
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