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Tall, dark and handsome. Not only is he flawless but he is a musician as well. He writes his own songs, and they are just beautiful. His voice is even better.. When singing you just wanna cry, because it sounds like dew from a flower dropping onto the ground.
He's so well mannered, patient, and down-to-earth. Once you befriend him, he changes your life. He shows you a road in life you'll never want to leave. Talented, intelligent, popular, spunky, lovable and kind are only some things i could say about him. He's the type of guy that you trust completely and can tell anything to. He's a great friend. Everyone wants to be him and girls are all over him, but he doesn't see it. He is VERY experienced in the bedroom, and will satisfy every need you have. He has tried to love but couldn't until he met his new spouse : They will be together for a life time. <3
- Do you know anyone who is quite as amazing as Douglas Richard Stickel?
- No, I don't. He's the only guy i know that is THAT amazing.
by milton.saraa May 02, 2010
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