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When pubic hair grows abnormally high on the staff of one's penis.
I really need to trim my Douglas Fur, so I don't give her splinters.
by funktastic flex 83 December 04, 2011
Doug, Doug-par-Deux a Character from the short story, The shady Tree and the Pineapple Cover up. He is a half breed between human and tree giving him super human strength. He can Squash an Egg with his World Ending Fist. He is a Sex Panther when it comes to the opposite sex. If the world Ended he could rappidly replentish the worlds population like a rabbit on Extacy. Can Grow a beard that rivals jesus. and Drives a Jeep.

wow he is such a Douglas fur right now!!!

the ladies always like to touch my doug

then she pulled out my Doug

I am going to take a doug(shit) right now

make like a tree and get the fuck out of here
by 9D July 10, 2008
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