Originating in dallas, tx. used to refer either ones fresh haircut or the dance(my dougie.)

the word dougie, made popular by lil wil, is simply the combination of the words dallas and bougie which come from the dallas bougie.
"that boy dougie fresh!"

"watch me hit my dougie"

"my dougie, my dougie, my dougie, my dougie, my dougie, my dougie, my dougie, she say she like my dougie"
by mexicansquadup August 01, 2008
Doing a Dougie as of 5/16/2011 means doing a drive-by. While the term is often distasteful in lieu of events of the time, it will get laughs followed by a form of "too soon, forever too soon."
Garry- Hey bro, do you think that Thai Restaurant is still open, my stomach is feigning yo!

Matt- I don't know but I'll do a Dougie.

Garry- HAHHAAH, yo man that's way too soon.

Matt- Yeah look they're open though.

Garry- Coin that, Canada. Teach people how to Dougie.
by CanadaTdotOdot May 24, 2011
Dance/"Male sex-skills"
" I hit her with the dougie"
by futureboy81 May 22, 2009
Before i went to my ball game I had to get a dub ($20) so I could go get my dougie freshened up.
by Ansel P. January 16, 2009

totally nerdy yet entertaining; used to describe something that most would find embarrassing to do but interesting to watch.
Look at that kid have a light saber battle with himself. He's so dougie.
by kimboandy December 17, 2009
A hot sexy boy who usually has at least 2 girls with him all the time. Another word for "pimp"
Look at dude, hes a dougie!
by dragonboy267 June 28, 2009
1. A fresh haircut
2. But nowadays your Swag
Ex. 1. "man I just a fresh new Dougie"
Ex. 2. "My Dougie to fresh/Sharp".
by D-Hood74 July 25, 2011
an absolute bro, one who you can always count on to have a solid bro sesh with.
A.K.A Tre "Dougie Fresh" Douglas
"Dude can i come to your party?"
"Only if you bring a dougie like bro delisle"
by Crusty1111 September 23, 2009

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