cool, fresh, bick, tight. basically, good. created at grossmont high school
Dang dude you lookin' doughie.
by Zmonay22 October 25, 2010
Top Definition
The original name for a soggy, smoked cigarette butt, Australian slang from the 40's-60's.

Often misunderstood as being 'durrie', due to the way it is often slurred or mumbled at the original holder of the cigarette. People seem to repeat 'durrie' rather than 'doughie', despite 'durrie' not meaning anything.

Due to the saliva soaking into the butt, the end of the cigarette becomes moist, soft and like dough. Hence 'Doughie'.
Oi, give us one a them doughies, mista!
by oldaussiebastard March 05, 2012
When you continuously drive around in circles you call it a doughie, short for donut.
Fuck em babe just do a doughie.
by Queen of the castle May 20, 2015
Name given to people who are dumbfucks
"the doughie in my class held everyone back by 4 hours because it couldn't locate the any key"
by Keelie Bear January 27, 2009
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