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1) A dumb and useless dance popularized by the Cali Swag District song "Teach Me How to Douggie." Considered just as retarded as the "John Wall" only because the people who claim they know how to do it just stand in one place moving their arms across their sideburns like dumbasses.
2) An obscure type of marijuana.
3) An alias for a male whose first name is "Douglas." Implies that the aforementioned person is very Fresche.
1) Evan thinks he can Douggie but when he tries he just looks like an asspie geeking out over his favorite anime episode.
2) Hey man, smokin' up a Douggie behind Carl's house. Where you at?
3)Sup Douggie, you lookin' mighty fresche. Get it in with Naomi lately?
by LeagueOfLulz July 02, 2011
to engage in sexual contact; a type of dance
"im finna douggie something so thick"

"go douggie! go douggie!"
by Chauntee' January 31, 2006
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