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A maneuver done on a highway in which one leaves a highway exit at the last possible minute by turning from the left lane on a two-lane highway, traversing the right lane, and immediately exiting.

A three-lane version can be done for which this is called a MegaDouds
That sonofabizznatch caused a 76 car pile-up because he decided to attempt a Douds without checking his right blind spot.
by Collin John August 05, 2005
A miniature blue elephant with a megaphone that screams "Oosha booshka!" intermittently.
Bob: Dude! The other day I saw a doud.
Fred: Dude, what the fuck is a doud?
Bob: Well, it is a miniature blue elephant with a microphone that screams "Oosha booshka!"
Fred: Sweeeet.
by DaurenMaurenSauren December 23, 2008