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Anybody, who in the act of being a douche, earns the aforementioned nickname. They are mainly qualified as this, or given this name by:
1. Acting like a complete idiot.
2. Having no regard for other people or consequences.
3. Being exceptionally arrogant and narcissistic.
I was trying to watch the movie, but Douchy McDoucherson over here kept talking and texting the whole time.

All Douchy McDoucherson does is curls and bench and walk around looking at himself in the mirror.

Douchy McDoucherson has a blog. It sucks.

Douchy McDoucherson has a bunch of bumper stickers on his car.

Douchy McDoucherson likes to telemark ski and tells everybody about it.

Douchey McDoucherson shoots it every time down the court and never plays defense or hustles, and yells at everybody else for not passing to him, playing defense, or hustling.
by Douchy McDoucherson November 28, 2011
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