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An individual who is a douchebag far beyond the conventional meaning. To the extent that his/her. personality resembles a swirling vortex of douche. Often arrogant and/or oblivious their effect on others, douchicanes often launch into self-righteous tirades that can be classified by "Category" much like a hurricane. Douchicanes are often despised individuals who cause trouble and never take blame for it. They also delight in finding fault in others. Any given social group can only take one douchicane at a time without imploding on itself. Like a hurricane, precautions include rapid evacuation from the area and the creative use of hammer, nails, and plywood.
1. Wow, that Park Ranger is really being a douchicane!

2. Oh Lord, the douchicane is drunk, looks like he's going to go CAT 4.

3. I can't believe that guy let his dog puke on my rug; what a douchicane.
by ColoradoCrotalus January 18, 2010

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