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A type of person that acts very douchey and acts like a bitch. Usually used as a weak insult.
Sean: Your such a Douchesnozzle!

Kevin: Who you talkin to nukja?

Daniel: Are you talking bout Brandon?

Brandon: NO! WTF! I know who it is though...

John Dabe: Im a fag
by White[db] October 05, 2009
The lengthy bit of shnozz that usually hangs out from ones pants after a zipper catches the nut sack.
James just got his nuts caught in his zipper!!! Look its a douche snozzle! Nasty!
by CIP-CLR September 29, 2010
1.Something that sounds like it could be a german Liquore
2.Another word for douchebag
Random joe. Lets go get some doucheSnozzles!

Dumbass1. Your a dirty butt slut!
Dumbass2. Your mom is a dirty butt slut!
Dumbass3. Fucking douchesnozzles...
by Josh February 16, 2005

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