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when a female tries to make a dude look cool and ends up making him look like a douche.
Angela gave Jared a douche over and now I cannot stand that guy.
by Spaz Out August 28, 2009
When you wake up in the morning and realize you were a douchebag the night before.

Basically, a hangover for douchebags (like Kanye West).
Tim: Hey Bobby, you were a total douche at that party last night!

Bobby: Yeah, I realized that this morning when I woke up with this feeling of complete regret.

Tim: Ah! The doucheover. Bummer dude.
by Kevin Cossner Spacey January 23, 2011
When a guy who has long enough hair combs it over to the one side ultimately looking like a douche bag.
Grahams sweater vest looks quit appropriate with his well styled douche over.
by Erinz June 16, 2008