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An "apocalypse" of "douches". Occurs when a bunch of douches get together and it seems as if the world is ending. Most often at a party of snooty snoots or a sausagefest.
Mitch: Dude I went to Jarrett's party last night.
Alec: Oh, was it cool?
Mitch: No it was a huge doucheocalypse.
#douchepocalypse #douche apocalypse #douche #apocalypse #fag
by Me and Mr. Split April 06, 2011
A douche apocalypse. The reign of terror brought on by the procreation of douche bags with ladies/gentlemen (with all too low standards and self esteem), whilst themselves sitting on their thrones, in their little world of Douchedom. D'pocalypse.
The Maury Show is perfect proof that we're living in a doucheocalypse!
#douche bag #douche #douche apocolypse #d-bag #d'pocalypse
by Shiny Buster Baby June 05, 2010
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