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Coined by Salty Dad. "The general activity that results from being a douchenozzle...Stupidity, irritating behavior, trolling, starting arguments on the internet, spouting low information, talking points, or the actions of a libtard.
There is a lot of douchenozzlery going on this page.
by A Salty Dad Fan September 18, 2013
The act of participating in douche nozzle related activities (ie. behavior transcending common insults)
I don't like that Toad guy.

Why not.

Eh, hes up to some douche nozzlery.
by David878 January 10, 2007
group (or meeting) of smug dickless shitlips

convention of shitheads
"golly Johny, school sure is a douche nozzlery"
by jesiah mesiah June 20, 2008

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