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a short mo-hawk that is spiked up in the middle of your head to form a triangle, causing you to look doucheilous
Person 1: Like my mo-hawk?
Person 2: Its douchehair.
by Sean Doyle Jr. June 10, 2010
A teenage male who likes to go from girl to girl, but always ends back up with the skanky hoe bag. Often shave basketball or football numbers into the back of their heads to look "Macho"
Girl One: Ew, whos that dude walking around with that skanky hoe?

Girl Two: That's *name* . He plays foot ball and basket ball.

Girl One: OMG, and his jersey number is shaved into his hair!

Girl Two: I know! He is SUCH a douche hair!
by qwertyuiopasdfghjklzxcvbnmmmnb January 27, 2012
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