Well this one guy. Hes a player, he lies he cheats he leads girls on, major swinger status.
Richie, the douche fag, cheats on taylor and he doesnt get caught.
A guy or girl that cleans out assholes with their tongue.
Sally's such a douche fag her breath smells like shit.
by Herpz August 23, 2008
someone who is a douche bag and a faggot at the same time
studentatolr: hey dude washingtons gunna be great!

Studentatolr2: dude mr m. is going he is a douche fag...

Studentatolr: omfg wtf.. i demand a refund
by SplintercellCT February 29, 2008
a Retarded Indecent Cheating Hot Idiotic Eager guy who will do anything for sex.
Robert's being a really big douchefag for cheating on his girlfriend.
by Peacelovehappinessssssssss May 11, 2008
also, douche faget. the name of the holiday given to the second week in January. A douche fag is also somebody who drives a jetta and/or can't grow a beard. Someone that isn't a santi or doesn't know sisky, is a douche fag. Finally, if you don't drink fuckin power thirst and run like a Kenyan ur a douche fag.
Dude, that guy wasn't sisky enough so he's a fuckin douche fag.

Fuck the step off you skanky douche fag.

That dirty russian just called me a fucking douche fag.
by Tyler Fox January 12, 2008
1. a homosexual that uses a douche in his poop-shoot.
2. an insult that is one step higher than douchebag.
"Did you see that guy cuss out his waitress for forgetting his drink refill?"
"Yeah, what a douchefag"
by Chris (courtesy of Drew) February 17, 2008

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