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The 9am-on-a-Tuesday-beer-pong drunken idiocy that frat life and 25-year-old narcissists create. See also tucker max
Oh great, it's 2am, and people are stumbling out of bars in a haze and polluting the streets with their douchebauchery.
by Trigjedi September 24, 2008
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An excessive indulgence in douchebaggery whereby multiple douchebags or douchebottles gather and openly celebrate their love for hairgel, spray tanning, puckering their lips and throwing gang signs in candid photos, and the other nonsensical actions typifying the douche culture.
"Would you look at the douchebauchery going on in this club. I can't drink here...let's move on."
by jvgordy October 28, 2008
The combination of the words douche bag/douche baggery and debauchery.
I went to this ridiculous frat party last night. It was all sorts of douchebauchery.
by AgentCooper311 December 16, 2010
Engaging in particularly heinous acts of rowdiness, drunkenness, and savagery. Often, if not always, with a particular disrespect for the female gender (a grammatical blend of douchebaggery and debauchery... obvi).
Bro, there was some epic douchebauchery taking place at the "open party" last night.

Yeah, I can't believe that broad period-ed all over the president's sheets after I banged her.
by Hunk Daddy Flex February 27, 2014

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