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Sunglasses worn by people inside. A popular concept among the "frat" community who wear them around their necks on "frat straps" or douche bands. It is a sign of an inflated sense of self-worth and insinuates low cognitive ability. People who wear them applaud idiotic and moronic deeds.
Normal person- "woah look at all those idiot frat boys with their douche bans on inside. How stupid are they?"
Frat boy #1-"I'm going to punch the wall for fun!"
Frat boy #2- " better put your sunglasses on, it's so bright in here you might get permenant eye damage."
by 23carlos19 October 27, 2013
Someone who has tendencies of extreme but unanticipated douchebaggery. Such douchebaggery is often associated with immoral or highly objectionable actions. A douchebans is typically 6'5" in stature, wears silver chains, and wears notorious B.I.G. t-shirts. Often smokes low quality cigars.
Douchebans: Dude, I just stole an old lady's iPod!
Person: Omg, you're SUCH a douchebans!

Douchebans: *Eats apple and throws apple core on the ground of restaurant*
Person: What a douchebans move.
by avecsllers April 09, 2011
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