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One who asks an incredibly stupid question for no apparent reason. This term is the only way fit to describe such folk.
Dude, you are such a douche wobbler. I am happy I'm not your friend anymore.
#douche #intelligent #douchebag #douchewobbler #cunt
by tehmayor September 22, 2010
A fat tub of lard that jiggles and/or ripples when you punch it. Commonly comes from white trash or ghetto areas of a town or out in the country. Typically goes to chirstian schools.
P1: Jake T. is such a douchewobbler

P2: I know! He rippled when I hit him with that papper airplane!
#stalker #jewbag #douchbag #fatass #lardass #tina
by Meow~Rawr April 14, 2010
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