Basically a douche bag full of motherfuckers' shit to the brim.
We tried to keep that douche canoe from tossing his salad infront of our parents in a restaurant.
by doucheelese March 20, 2008
A piece of feces, frozen, then used as a dildo.
I heard Violet is a nasty ho and used a douche canoe at a party in front of everyone.
by Err78 January 06, 2008
brian douching himself while in canoe..or in a dorm room
that guy went on a douche canoe yesterday!
by jess, val, derek January 25, 2008
Any wigger driving a four door white jeep well wearing white Oakey's
Man did you see Summers driving his jeep he is such a douche canoe!
by Xvoodoo June 08, 2015
He is a dickhead
That kid is such a douche canoe
by nursekelly528 January 27, 2015
An individual acting in such a way, their presence is equivalent to being in a canoe in a lake full of used douche water.
"What happened to your car bro?"
"Some douche canoe keyed it last night"
by Mahatma Luther King Jr. January 09, 2015
An overboard term used to describe one who has only reached a standard level of douchyness. If one who has only reached the basic douche level is called a douche canoe, this person would consider it to be an insult. Upon being called a douche canoe, this person would likely become upset & act irrational. At this point, that person would have reached douche canoe standards & you will be justified in calling that person a douche canoe.
I.E. "i dumped my girlfriend because she was a real douche. After we broke up, she went all out "douche canoe."
by argonforrest October 22, 2014

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