A vehicle containing or transporting two or more douchebags.
Dude, check out that Hummer over there. It's a total douche canoe.
by Skirish April 24, 2010
-The term used for a standard edition Ford Mustang. (manual windows, casset player, small V6 engine)

-This low priced version is usually driven by guys who flaunt the car as a hotrod to chicks and dudes to recieve attention.

-Durives from the facts that a Douche usually drives this type of Mustang without any knowledge of car specs. And because of it's limited horsepower, is called a Canoe
Douche: "Hey guys, check out my Saweeeet ride! It has an air cleaner!" (revs engine)

Guy:(to himself) "I can't believe this retard is bragging about his Douche Canoe again."
by IceKold88 December 11, 2009
Someone who exceeds the level of a normal douch, may be very competitive.
"Dude Jessie is such a douche canoe!"
"Oh my god you're so right"
by Sassy but classy July 06, 2016
A viewer of the popular YouTube podcast, Half Brown All Town.
I saw Graham watching the podcast yesterday. He's such a douche canoe.
by Palestrom August 07, 2016
Being such a douchebag that no one can stand to be around you.
I cannot stand another week playing beer pong with that Douche Canoe Andrew.
by Pizza head August 17, 2015
An individual acting in such a way, their presence is equivalent to being in a canoe in a lake full of used douche water.
"What happened to your car bro?"
"Some douche canoe keyed it last night"
by Mahatma Luther King Jr. January 09, 2015
A douche who lives his whole life a canoe, drinking sea water and surviving on fish.
''Serhan your such a douche canoe''
by Trolling Dem Rolls April 18, 2013
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