1. Any vehicle filled to capacity with a group of major douchebags. Usually a luxury SUV. Most often owned or purchased by the parents of one of the douche mcgouches inside. The group of individuals who pour out of the douche canoe can be affectionately referred to as a "shitstorm of douchebags."
If that douche canoe tries to swoop us in the Taco Bell line, I will go fisticuffs with that whole shitstorm of douchebags inside!
#whip #douchebag #d-bag #douche #douche ride
by MFaF September 13, 2009
Any wigger driving a four door white jeep while wearing white Oakey's
Man did you see Summers driving his jeep he is such a douche canoe!
#douche bag #twat #killer k9 #k9 #reject
by Xvoodoo June 08, 2015
An individual who insists on causing the rest of the earth as much pain as possible; A chap so arrogant and twattish that they have almost no choice but to fuck you over whenever possible.
*Car drives through large puddle, drenching a child*

Child: "Pickles, what a complete Douche Canoe that old chap is!"
#arsehole #douche #canoe #dickbiscuit #douche pickle #twat #nobhead #arrogant
by FretWizard February 02, 2014
"Hey, look at that douche canoe over there!"
'Who? Nolan?'
#douche #canoe #nolan #douchebag #meyer
by whatadouchecanoe December 30, 2011
Someone who is such a douche, that his/her douchiness fills a small boat.
That guy cut me off! What a fucking douche canoe!
#douche bag #douche nozzle #asshole #douch #jerk
by Can't find my nipples April 24, 2015
a person or people acting stupid for no apparent reason
calling out people for no apparent reason
look at those kids bashing on that kid for driving that honda.
-yeah what a bunch of douche canoes
#idiots #morons #simple #stupid #ricers
by G millz May 03, 2012
Double the douchieness of a regular douche. Usually just does douchey things like being a douche. You will be a douche canoe if you have tribal tattoos or gel your hair, also if you're just a dick to people.
Jimmy is such a douche canoe.
Look at that guys tribal tattoo what a douche canoe.
Why is his profile picture of a baby, what a douche canoe.
#douche #canoe #idiot #loser #mean
by summercandy March 24, 2011
-The term used for a standard edition Ford Mustang. (manual windows, casset player, small V6 engine)

-This low priced version is usually driven by guys who flaunt the car as a hotrod to chicks and dudes to recieve attention.

-Durives from the facts that a Douche usually drives this type of Mustang without any knowledge of car specs. And because of it's limited horsepower, is called a Canoe
Douche: "Hey guys, check out my Saweeeet ride! It has an air cleaner!" (revs engine)

Guy:(to himself) "I can't believe this retard is bragging about his Douche Canoe again."
#douche #canoe #douche bag #mustang #ford
by IceKold88 December 11, 2009
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