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Someone who exceedes the limits of being a normal douche or douche bag.

"Luke, you are such a douche canoe"
by Dino V. February 18, 2007
Someone who exceeds the level of a normal douch, may be very competitive.
"Dude Jessie is such a douche canoe!"
"Oh my god you're so right"
by Sassy but classy July 06, 2016
Being such a douchebag that no one can stand to be around you.
I cannot stand another week playing beer pong with that Douche Canoe Andrew.
by Pizza head August 17, 2015
An individual acting in such a way, their presence is equivalent to being in a canoe in a lake full of used douche water.
"What happened to your car bro?"
"Some douche canoe keyed it last night"
by Mahatma Luther King Jr. January 09, 2015
Someone too busy playing on their phone to pay attention to darts
Hey douche canoe! It's your turn!
by mcsdarts October 21, 2014
A douche who lives his whole life a canoe, drinking sea water and surviving on fish.
''Serhan your such a douche canoe''
by Trolling Dem Rolls April 18, 2013
1. An individual guilty of blatantly duplicitous behavior on par with or exceeding that of multitudinous douche bags.
2. A person who intentionally and maliciously destroys and disbands the life's work of a fellow colleague for no other reason than to simply be a douche.
3. A word used to describe Maktar, the evil nemesis of Orlin
4. The answer my friend, is puddings in the wind.
That douche canoe Bob, plagiarized my paper.

Of all the university's in the world, that douche canoe had to walk into mine.

Maktar, in the most debauched douche canoery, slashed Orlin's dreams to shreds.
by OrlinSupreme January 19, 2012
Someone who is an all around jerk. A hightened version of calling someone a douchebag. A derogitory term for someone who did something bad or mean.
Jeez, Tom just ditched us to go to the movies... he's such a douche canoe...

Dont be such a Douche canoe
by Boosh.Jgc April 30, 2010
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