A man of the Jewish persuasion that also happens to be a douchebag.
The rabbi that kept making stupid Pollack jokes in front of his congregation was a total douchebrew.
by enderkcmo December 11, 2006
Top Definition
When a douche-bag dies, Their body are planted in a douche field. They grow into douche-hops. They are harvested around spring break and summer time, When Douches are more abundant. Then we go through a very classified procedure, in which we turn these douche hops into Douche Brew.

Or when some one is being as douche-bag they are sipping on Douche Brew.

Another Word for Beer, any type of lager and/or Red neck alcoholic beverage.
Dude, pass me a Douche Brew.

That Patrick Dixon is a real dick, I bet he's been sipping on Douche Brew.

(Man 1) Here recently, Poss Rhillips has been sipping some major Douche Brew.
(Man 2) Yeah, I know.
by Colby Daniel. January 07, 2009
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