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The perfect word to describe a waste of oxygen.
Alex Rodriguez is such a douche.
by theoriginalhayls May 27, 2009
1 2
A small-minded, dim-witted person in need of guidance.
1. Hey Douche, are you able to get me to the hospital.
2. Isn't he such a Douche, he can't even locate a woman's vage.
by JacoX May 05, 2009
0 1
A University student who goes to lectures and tutorials wearing tracksuit bottoms.

Two uni student in a tutorial room:

Dave : - I see you're wearing your tracksuit.
Mike : - I sure am, buddy!

(...) silence

Dave : - You're a douche.
by socstudent March 18, 2009
5 6
1. a device that forces water through a nozzle for the purpose of vaginal or anal cleansing.
2. a malevolent and ignorant person who inspires an exteeme feeling of loathing in others.

<img src="">
Whoever took my my cream soda from the fridge is a real douche.
by aj sun March 16, 2009
1 2
(n)someone who is a complete and total moron. one that tells jokes and is the only one laughing. one who brags about his dick being huge and then claims the average penis is 4 and 1/2 inches so he can feel high and mighty with his 5 inches. also known as jonathan.
Jonathan: My dick is fucking huge!!

You: Douche.
by Bob1122334455 January 12, 2009
3 4
A sports radio show host who thinks he knows it all.
Jim Rome, Rich Lord think they know it all freaking douche bags
by JJ in North Shore May 28, 2008
3 4
The word used to commend someone on a clever or witty response to an argument, whilst sounding like a complete and utter douche at the same time. Used to pull someone off their high horse whilst acknowledging their point at the same time.
>Where is the nearest place to buy a computer?
>>Well, there's an Apple Store around the corner, but you're not interested in Toy Shops.
by abraxian November 09, 2010
2 4