A small device which cleanses a vagina which is exceedingly disgusting and possibly hasnt seen soap or water in a decade.
As opposed to a regular douche bag, a douche bag 9000 is DISGRACEFULLY annoying/stupid.
Donall O Brien is SUCH a douche bag 9000, I wish he'd just shut up!!!!!
by devinerocks February 29, 2008
Top Definition
When someone who acts and/or says something so stupid and/or illogical goes beyond being just a regular douche bag.
Ryan, stop being such a goddamn douche bag 9000.
by DaveyChaos June 04, 2005
a total douchebag, to the point where its extreme and unaccaptable
person 1 "wow, addie is such a douchebag 9000"

person 2 "i know! she just wont leave everyone alone"
by tee2dahee July 18, 2009
a person that is beyond a douchbag
Jennie is trying to be wicked funny but she isn't. Shes a douchebag 9000
by Matt O'Connor July 05, 2006
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