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A guy between the ages of 13-25 who wear designer brands such as Ed Hardy, Free City, Lacoste, Dolce and Gabana, etc. to show off their money to get girls. As a result of this, they act like a complete douche.
Douche: Hey Cindy, look at my new Ed Hardy hat, my Free City Sweater and my new Lacoste shoes. I'm worth about $1000 right now.

Cindy: That sweater looks so hot on you.

Douche: Bro, i'm so banging Cindy tonight. She likes my Free City. I'm the coolest bro around. I'm so pimpin'. All the girls want to hook up with me tonight.

Bro: You're such a douche when you wear your Douche Wear
by prettyxinxpink889 August 27, 2009