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Colorful 6 foot 4 inch redneck from East Texas bearing a striking resemblence to a penis. Sports half-faded, completely out of proportion olde English lettering on his chest. Has an affinity for the bubble skunk, and enjoys front porch skeet shooting, as well as yard runs while under the influence of said narcotic.
Douche Wagon wanted to make a subtle political statement. What do you mean by "subtle political statement?" He burned a cross in the neighbor's front yard.

Douche Wagon on one of his favorite pastimes, "Hell man, dump that clutch and let the granny gear loose - watch that mud fly."
by Steebr77 December 31, 2004
3 18
A small four-cylinder vehicle (i.e. Honda Civic) usually painted yellow, pink, or purple and driven by a 5'5" jackass. The wagon usually has a large wing on the back, white rims, and an annoying loud muffler.
Chuck felt like he was like Fast and The Furious as he rolled through Philly in his douche wagon.
by stinky July 26, 2004
66 21
When a group of douche bags pile in the same car to go somewhere.
"Dude, that douche wagon just tried to run me off of the road!"
by Kasie H November 24, 2007
40 9
to enter ones penis in to a pumpkin
I put the pumkin in the microwave so when I douche wagoned it it was warm in sticky just like a real goat.
by corey December 21, 2003
60 29
Used to describe an individual who acts in such a douche-ish manner, simply one douche is not sufficient to describe them. This person encompasses enough douche with their behavior to fill an entire wagon from front to back.
"Oh shit, I knew Greg was going to be at this party. Last time he threw up on my shoes - On purpose. What a douchewagon."
by GreenParrot713 September 15, 2009
30 7
a large SUV or Hummer driven by a douchebag to intimidate other drivers with its size
I ended up accidentally running a red light because I couldn't see around the douche-wagon in front of me.

My car got hit in the parking garage because someone had parked their douche-wagon in a compact spot.
by ox gray July 25, 2010
28 6
Douche Wagon- Commonly used to describe a person who has taken their douchebag triats too far and a more powerful description is needed
Hey dude why is he in a stroller at the party...

He's doing it for attention...he's a total douche wagon.
by Fa Heat May 03, 2010
13 3
A wagon that transports Douche Bags.
Look at that douche wagon, surrounded by the douche bags.
by GraduallyNevele December 07, 2010
12 9