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The largest douche a person could be so large that you would need farm equipment to contain them
"Kevin your a total Douche Silo! I can't belive you banged that girl on my bed!"
#douche #douce #douchbag #asshole #prick
by Fireman Don March 15, 2009
Upgrading from the terms "Douchebag" and "Douchebox" (Which means 2 or more douchebags), Douchesilo is a whole building commited to storing douches.. Which hold semen.. Like Dennis Uren..
Person1: "Man, that Dennis guy just tried to play a game of bag-tag with me, AGAIN!"

Person2: "Man, he's such a douchesilo.."

Person1: "..."

*Long Pause*

Person1: "You're fucked."
#dennis #uren #silo #douche #bag #box #fag #roflmmfao
by Steven Coulson May 15, 2008
Douche-silo:(1) a common place douche and/or doucher who conglomerates with many other douches to make himself feel better, leads a social group of well known douches. commonly looked upon by his douchetes as bro, but publicly known as just douche.

(2) a popular place crowded with douches, creating aggravated atmosphere amongst common passer-by.
average joe 1: hey bro who's that over there with all those people around him? he looks pretty popular.

average joe 2: nah bro that's just the school douche-silo with all the other douchetes in the school, don't worry about it.
#douche #jerk #retard #looser #ignorant #tool
by the123the456 October 24, 2011
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