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A pressurized Douche; someone who is so unpleasant that its just unbearable to be around them.
That guy is such a douche pump, I wish he wouldn't follow us around asking to smoke hookah so much. He should be dildo spiked.
by Dr SlangBang May 12, 2010
One who engages in douche-like activities.
Yeah, that guy. You see the one wearing four popped collars? He's a big fucking douche pump.
by Dembo34 July 10, 2008
A name designated for a sports stadium employee during a hockey game who tries to get the wave going when the home team is down 0-4. Most often used by Philadelphia Flyers fans.
"Okay, everyone in this section start the wave on three...1, 2,... 'Hey down in front you douche pump'"
by lancaster cock-knockers February 01, 2008
One level worse than a douchebag. Allows the user to deliver more hate.
Fucking douchepump.
by LMJQ July 23, 2010

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