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Douche Porn is a category of legitimate Hollywood film that consists of movies centered around totally bro'd out dudes banging hot chicks, doing large amounts of drugs, making crazy money (usually illegally), and doing so with little to no consequences for large portions of the movie. The term "douche porn" refers to the sexual arousal these films tend to cause among the douchier members of society (particularly 20-something males).

Popular themes for Douche Porn include movies about Wall Street, gambling, and car theft.
Ludwig Von Broski - "Dude, 'The Wolf of Wall Street' was the best movie I've ever seen!"

Joe Normalguy - "I'll bet. It's total 'Douche Porn.' I'm sure it was right up your alley."

Ludwig - "Totally!"
by The Nation of Stankonia February 28, 2014
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