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One who trots about with beliefs that they have infinite wisdom in academic matters and feels it is necessary to point out what others should know via physical gestures, all whilst having the best of intentions in mind. Also, one who relentlessly corrects others in the most inconsequential of matters.
Cool guy:
"Man, that dude Inaki sure knows a lot about the stuff we covered in class today."

D. McGouche:
"BRO! His name is pronounced "Iñaki", you forgot to pronounce the "ñ""

Cool guy:
"You are such a Douche McGouche!"
by D-lux April 30, 2013
a nickname for someone who is (or is acting like) a douchebag
A: (to B) Did Johnny stand us up again?!?
B: Yeah. Douche McGouche better hope i don't kick his ass next time i see him.
by freigo November 17, 2006