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Who hasn't been force-fed goulash at some point? It's an unnerving mixture of various vegetables and giblets, somehow melding into a harmonious medley. The word douche goulash is similar to douche canoe in the specific sense of referring to a whole gaggle of douches. However, while douche canoe suggests that all the douches are of similar caliber and nature, douche goulash suggests that the various douches in question are a mishmash of unique and diverse douches. The individual douches of a douche goulash are as disparate as they can possibly be, but (god only knows why) somehow together they blend into a mass of euphonious douchery that commands great respect and admiration.
(1) The glee club at my old school was a veritable douche goulash. Yet, strangely, I would never miss one of their performances, feeling compelled to witness that mesmerizing potpourri of douches strutting about.

(2) Dudley's bris was attended by nothing short of a full-fledged douche goulash. At the time I couldn't wait to get out of there, but now I'm somehow missing those assorted and, dare I admit, curiously pleasing douches.
by professor_rutabaga January 25, 2009
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