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The sneaky douche bag who does douchy things in secret, most often stealing perfectly good food from your fridge while you're sleeping, and throwing straight in the trash.
Yo dog, this morning I woke up and my bucket of KFC was in the trash. I think I got visited by the douche fairy!
by Piros August 13, 2011
a consistently douchey male whose sexuality is in question; someone who both likes it up the, and happens to be an, asshole.
guy 1: OMG i don't care that its your grandmother's 150th birthday you prooomissssseeeeed you'd go to the mall with me ;-)

guy 2:you're such a fucking douche-fairy.
by bittereagle March 05, 2010
Someone who secretly leaves a douche under the pillow of someone deserving.
"His girlfriend didn't know she had odor. He became a douche fairy."
by GobblerDude December 26, 2008
the ultimate insult, reserved for the worst ppl, such as snitches
im going to kill that douchefairy who told the school cops that i had a knife and a picture of an enemy... bastard
by Big Robert December 08, 2004
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